Radio Broadcasting

on the air
Be ON the AIR

If anyone has ever told you that you should be on the radio, or that you have a good voice, or if you have ever thought “Hey, I can do that!” then this is the program for you!

hands on
Hands-on training

The Radio Broadcasting Course is a complete, comprehensive training workshop which combines hands-on training and live broadcasting from fully equipped studios.

broadcast LIVE
Broadcast LIVE on industry equipment

More than half of your time is spent in the studios; you'll be on the air, doing newscasts, and in commercial production utilizing state-of-the-art technology.

other jobs
Other radio job opportunities

Weekly lectures/workshops include radio programming, commercial production, news, voice-overs, sportscasting, copywriting, music programming, station management, and broadcast sales.

follow your dream
Get that dream job!

In addition, The Academy offers 26 weeks of Vocal Coaching where we teach voice, diction and speaking techniques. As you get ready to graduate, we offer career guidance to help you get the job you want!

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